The last plasma facial rejuvenation

plasma skin rejuvenation

Non-surgical plastic, lately, more and more popular. People tend to look younger quickly and virtually without adverse effects, without resorting to the services of surgeons.

And one of the most popular ways to fold a couple of years in the beautician considered plasma for facial rejuvenation. They say it is, with some aesthetic defects help and how much it costs.

The advantages of plasma for facial rejuvenation in the unit of Plasma-Liner

Procedure of plasma for facial rejuvenation is usually performed by the beautician, who is trained to work with Plasma-Liner. To correct some imperfections of the medical education specialist is not required, but the removal of scars, scars, irritation and post-acne medical degree required. If the person that you found, the procedure is likely to bring only benefits.

The device, which is used for its 5 main advantages over the manipulations with similar effect:

  1. Plasma-I Know minimally traumatize the skin, suitable for sensitive areas and offers a short recovery time - an average of 7 days. Plasma facial rejuvenation - non-invasive manipulation, the apparatus does not touch the cover. The skin works only in plasma. Bruising if the correct technique does not remain.
  2. Sterile procedure, the risk of infection is reduced to almost not there. Even though the pen needle directly to the skin do not interact, consumables for the tool is for single use and sterile.
  3. Allergic reactions to the method is also not typical.
  4. A great set of cosmetic problems that can be solved quickly and without any damage.
  5. The rate of achievement of the result. A session, on the basis of the cultivated area, takes from 10 to 60 minutes. The effect is noticeable immediately and with time it becomes even stronger.

But the main drawback of the manipulation of one - the end result is affected by the ability of the cosmetician to treat of Plasma-liner. Best not to save in the living room, to choose a specialist to do the construction work and not to rely too tempting promotions.

How does it work?

The advantages of plasma for facial rejuvenation

The apparatus for facial rejuvenation is a handle with a replaceable tip, it looks like a thick needle. It works with nitrogen and oxygen. In very simple terms, Plasma-liner is the machine to create small, targeted lightning.

The plasma beam apparatus point of burning the skin and exposes the pathological elements of the fabric of the coagulation. Healthy cells after a stress is beginning to regenerate, stimulate collagen production and restore the damaged skin. Existing collagen fibres due to the loss of moisture to become less elastic and the skin is stretched.

The very manipulation of plasma for facial rejuvenation of this type is practically identical. The beautician cleanses the skin, treats the selected area with an antiseptic and a local anesthetic. The technician then momentarily brings a pen to the face of the patient and the point was approved in the problem of the area. Microburns, even without anesthesia, often do not cause bad feelings - people feel only the heat.

Pain is only possible when the removal of tumors when the duration of the exposure of Plasma-comments on the skin increases.

The rest, after the processing point when the procedure is completed smeared the healing cream. It is in the skin will be applied during the recovery period. Short-term bans after visiting a cosmetologist in patients continues to be the rejection of cosmetics decorative, tanning, visiting the baths and saunas. They have also forgotten to wash the face clean the skin gentle antiseptic.

The results of the procedure

How it works

If the manipulation is carried out professionally and all recommendations complied with in one week of the bark of microburn disappear. In its place it maintains elastic and smooth skin without any damage and scars.

One or more sessions - only Plasma-liner and in combination with other cosmetology services - will save you from:

  • overhanging eyelids - suitable for non-surgical of your surgery;
  • shallow and partly deep wrinkles;
  • tumors such as warts, papillomas, moles;
  • the scars, the acne scars of the body it is also possible to get rid of stretch marks;
  • the spider veins;
  • free of spots and freckles;
  • bad permanent makeup;
  • the sagging of the skin.

Of course, each of the body of the severity of the effect will be individual. But in the majority of cases, this simple procedure gives noticeable around the result that persist for a long time.


Do not carry out plasma facial rejuvenation with a very limited range of diseases. Contraindications to the intervention, especially in comparison to like, are few and the majority of people are not up to Hiking to the beautician.

The handling is not for you if:

  • serious cardiovascular disease;
  • problems with the circulation of the blood;
  • epilepsy;
  • an excessive tendency to the scarring of the tissues;
  • inflammation, compromising the integrity of the skin in the area of the exposure apparatus;
  • malignancy in the treatment site;
  • pacemaker, halter, metal implants;
  • any bleeding, including menstrual.

Also from the sessions, it is recommended to avoid during pregnancy.