Rules for the care of skin after 40

The age of 40 years, most women consider to be the critics, the so-called "border" between flourishing and withering. But not everyone actually looks so bad, if you organize the right to the care of the skin after 40 years, taking advantage of our tips and recommendations. The modern market offers a large number of cosmetic means for care of the face and the body. How to choose among the entire range of those that fit a woman?

Causes of ageing of the skin

face care after 40

Thanks to discoveries in the field of medicine and cosmetology, the modern woman, unlike women of previous generations, we know that more and more older does not mean aging! There are real reasons for changing the state of the skin.

  • Hormonal disorders lead to a reduction in the amount of collagen produced by the female body, which in turn leads to the loss of elasticity of the skin.
  • The reduction of the capacity of the epidermis to retain a sufficient amount of moisture contributes to the dryness of the top layer of the skin.
  • Replace the old with new cells slows down effect of reducing their rate of division in the body because of the lack of hormones and necessary minerals.
  • Reduction in the functionality of the sebaceous glands makes the skin more sensitive and more dry.
  • Reduce the number of working vessels in all layers of the skin is the reason for the disappearance of the health of blush on the face.

Get to know the main causes of age-related changes, it is possible to determine the more significant as his own skin, and make a plan for the care of the face and neck after 40 years.

Hydration inside and out

The skin becomes dry with age, most often the owners of normal, velvety, with small pores and oily skin in their youth. To prevent the appearance of dryness, it is necessary to organize proper care and moisturizing from an early age (25-30 years). If the skin of the face for 40 years was excessively dry, it is necessary to maintain the moisture balance daily:

  • drink at least 8 glasses (1.5 litres) of water;
  • in the summer, in order to protect all exposed skin from the sun, apply a body moisturizer for face care protection SPF-15 and higher ratio;
  • for the period of cold protective creams and toners to protect the face of the wind, the ice, the snow and the rain;
  • try in the winter to keep the optimal humidity and temperature in the room, (you can use an air humidifier);
  • give preference to warm the soul, but not hot, relaxing bath;
  • the daily use of moisturizing cosmetic products for the skin Matures (moisturizers, gels, masks, serums) that maintains the natural moisture and help the cells to "drink" from the outside.

To maximize the effect of the restoration and the maintenance of natural processes cosmetologists recommended to choose anti-aging mask for the face of a manufacturer. Aesthetic series provides daily care to the good scheme, where each product not only performs certain functions, but complements and enhances the action of other components.

Down with wrinkles!

Leather baby updates each week, as well as the formation of new cells and promote them to the surface of the skin occurs in just seven days. With age, the rate of updates decreases. The laws of genetics in the biological clock of each person establishes the useful life of your cells. But today created funds that help the body to speed up the update mechanism and get rid of old dead skin cells.To reduce wrinkles in women after 40 years must:

  • to use means exfoliation of sensitive skin, 1-2 times a week (scrub, membrane mask);
  • apply nourishing and revitalizing mask with antioxidants (vitamins A, b, C, Coenzyme Q10);
  • to stop Smoking, since it does Not contribute to the wrinkles and the dark skin;
  • add in the everyday life of the scheme the lifting of the creams and remedies intense exposure of the skin, it contains hyaluronic acid, collagen is of plant origin, fruit acids, seaweed extracts, gingo biloba, green tea.

All of these components help the skin retain the natural moisture, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, ensuring firmness and restore the functions of skin protection. Agents have this unique properties, give quick and visible cosmetic lifting effect, elasticity, freshness and healthy color of the face.

Return the color of youth and health

Hormonal changes, age-related diseases cause the deterioration of the color and condition of the skin, which can be controlled available natural methods. But before continuing, it is worthwhile to consult a doctor. In fact, sometimes, puffy eyes, dark circles, redness, dark spots can be a symptom of the disease, which is in the early stages of development.Every woman after 40 should adopt a series of tips.

  • To eliminate the appearance of bags by using eye cream with hydrocortisone.
  • To get rid of dark circles under the eyes will help you restorative eye cream with retinol.
  • Age spots easily disappear after regular application of masks with bleaching effect, including the white clay, cucumber extract or juice of a lemon.

Women after 40 are advised to follow the change of the skin, appearance of pigmentation, warts, moles, and other points that bother you. For your own peace of mind it is advisable to visit a dermatologist or a cosmetologist and undergo an exam special.

Opportunities the right makeup

Hard to blame a woman of 40 years in the impossibility of applying the makeup, but sometimes errors use of cosmetics will not hide age changes and imperfections, but on the contrary, emphasize.The success of the rehabilitation depends primarily on the correct selection of cosmetics for every skin type and appearance.

  • The masking tools. For the Maturity of the skin we must focus on the tonal base of thin or average density with a reflective effect, but without lighting. All toning means is applied to the skin only after the moisturizer not later than 30 minutes before going outside. In 40 years we need to abandon the mask of pencils and sticks, which creates a strong effect. The application of tonal resources, accompanied by a careful attention to the disappearance of the boundaries of its application
  • Powder and blush. It is better to use a cream, powder, dry powder emphasizes wrinkles and the flaws of the dry skin. Makeup artists recommend that women after 40 to choose a powder 3 shades lighter of the Foundation, then the face will look fresh.
  • The effect of luscious lips to create lipstick, cream based, with moderately red colors. Dark colors make the lips thinner and more clear the lips become less visible and "lost" in the face. If in the upper lip appear wrinkles, make sure that the use of contour pencil lip to prevent the spreading of lipstick.
  • The effect of shining eyes will help you to use soft pencil and ink for eyes only in the upper eyelid. Abuse circuit makes the eyes smaller, and a lot of mascara to the eyelashes call attention to the problem areas "crow's feet" and makes the composition cluttered.
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The main rule of make-up for women after 40 – "everything in moderation". You can't use the colors and tools that were used 20 years ago – may seem vulgar and even vulgar. Every night you must remove makeup special means for their age, and which have the additional effect of care.