Rejuvenation of the face and neck

If the flaws of the figure can be hidden with the help of clothes, then the eyelids that hang over the eyes, various problems with the skin of the face are quite difficult to hide from the eyes of others. The specialists of our clinic perform a wide variety of surgeries for face and neck rejuvenation.

The clinic values its reputation, so doctors do not use outdated methods that are questionable in terms of long-term consequences in their work. Rather, the trace-free plastic rejuvenation technology, which allows the surgeon to do without large skin incisions, has been widely used in the clinic. Thus, the following operations are performed in the clinic:

Application of rejuvenating mask
  • removal of eyelid "hernias";
  • endoscopic holders;
  • face lift;
  • laser removal of moles, warts, lipomas, atheromas and papillomas;
  • laser skin reappearance.

And in the therapeutic department, the unique device for lifting non-surgical face "Dibitron" will help solve the problem of sagging skin on the face.

On the other hand, for smoothing wrinkles, tightening the skin and treating cellulite, they use the unparalleled method of mesotherapy without injection "Oxy Megastation".

In addition, clinic specialists perform numerous surgeries to correct the shape of the nose (including after injuries and surgeries) and plastic surgery of the kidneys.

The level of development of modern cosmetic cosmetology and plastic surgery today has reached unprecedented heights, thanks to which we all have a unique opportunity to prolong youth and preserve beauty for many years.

Facial and neck rejuvenation is the most requested service in aesthetic medicine centers, which allows you to correct age-related negative changes in the skin, facial contours, etc.

Indications for describing anti-aging procedures

Most often, patients with the following problems turn to cosmetologists for rejuvenation:

  • Wrinkles, folds on forehead;
  • Releasing the corners of the lips ("wrinkles of sadness");
  • Nasolabial folds;
  • Imitation wrinkles;
  • Age wrinkles in the eye area;
  • "Navigated" oval of face;
  • Gravitational ptosis of the face (defects, drooping eyelids);
  • double chin;
  • Loss of skin elasticity and resilience;
  • Age-related changes in the neck area (Venus rings, vertical compression wrinkles), etc.

In most cases, it is possible to effectively correct age-related changes, due to which patients get a really good result, regaining their former beauty and youth.


The first signs of aging usually start to appear at the age of 25! Regular cosmetic procedures and special programs for new facial skin care will help maintain its beauty and elasticity for as long as possible!

Modern methods of facial and neck rejuvenation

facial skin rejuvenation

Today it is possible to restore the elasticity of the skin, restore the contour of the face and correct its features, improve the condition of the neck and décolleté area by taking unique rejuvenation procedures.

Facial and neck rejuvenation procedures are represented by a variety of techniques, but the most well-known and positively proven are these:

  • Biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid;
  • Fillers;
  • Botox,
  • Laser;
  • Fraxel;
  • Thermage;
  • Plasmolifting and ultrasound lifting;
  • Laser nano surgery;
  • Medium peel;
  • Reinforcement with biofilaments;
  • Blepharoplasty;
  • Space and 3D Space;
  • Facelift (skin lifting, musculoskeletal lifting - SMAS, endoscopic facelift);
  • Complex rejuvenation procedures (for example, liquefied gas peeling, thermal lifting and phonophoresis).

You need to know!

Every year new technologies appear for the renewal of the face and neck, moreover, the correction of age-related skin changes with high efficiency is possible not only with surgery, but also with non-surgical methods.

Safe ways to renew without surgery at home

gymnastics for the rejuvenation of the skin of the face and neck

It is recommended to perform anti-aging procedures for the face and neck with cosmetologists and professional surgeons, as only in this case we can talk about really good results.

Rejuvenation without hardware cosmetology, scalpels and injections, using only anti-aging creams and masks, massage, facial gymnastics is not enough when it is effective, therefore, to achieve a noticeable smoothing of wrinkles, to increase skin elasticity, toimprove her appearance at home without the help of a specialist - impossible!

In this case, we can only talk about the supportive effect, which will help increase the time interval between hardware procedures for face and neck care, contouring or rejuvenation surgeries.

To maintain the results of facial and neck rejuvenation procedures at home will help:

  • Herbal dietary supplements, which contain phytohormones (phytoestrogens);
  • Introduction to the daily diet of products containing collagen, vitamins and trace elements necessary to keep the skin in normal condition;
  • Special gymnastics for the face, massage and cosmetics.

Unique possibilities of modern cosmetology

Comprehensive programs for aesthetic correction of the face and neck significantly reduce the visibility of age-related changes because. allows you to raise the eyebrow area, remove deep wrinkles, eliminate heavy drooping eyelids, recreate the OGEE line, relieve patients from drooping joints and cheeks, change the shape of the lips, form a clear contour oflower jaw, increase the projection of the chin and much more needed for facial and neck rejuvenation.

Facial volume modeling, hardware cosmetology and plastic surgery today are the most effective ways to restore beauty and youth to the face and neck.